Gingerbread, ice wine, kittens and castles

We all need a little time to watch dinner after Thanksgiving, or just a little silence from our families as we sit together and watch a movie. And what’s better than a cheesy Christmas story to distract us from the world?

With titles like “Gingerbread Miracle” and “Single All the Way,” Santa has delivered a sweet and syrupy Christmas viewing early, neatly tied with a red bow.
Here are several that we found to start with:

Even St. Nick apparently has family problems and Netflix has a movie about them.
“When his grandfather suddenly falls ill, Jules, who hates the holidays, learns of his family’s magical legacy and realizes that he is the only hope to save Christmas,” reads a Netflix synopsis of the film.
It is broadcasting now.

This is a classic Christmas tale about the spirit of the season.
“An entrepreneur teaches his spoiled daughter a lesson by making her spend the holidays as a volunteer at a shelter, where she comes face to face with the true meaning of Christmas,” reads a description from BET, where the film is currently airing. .

“Two old high school friends work together over Christmas to sell their uncle’s Mexican bakery, famous for its magical wish-granting gingerbread cookies,” in this perfectly sweet Hallmark movie.

Ooh came! Start drinking because Lifetime is offering a sommelier drama.
“One of Philadelphia’s best sommeliers returns to the magical vineyards of Evergreen, New York, to participate in the city’s annual Ice Wine Festival and Christmas Harvest,” according to a Lifetime description of the film. “While there, Camila spends time with her mother, Sunny, and her sister Beth, who runs the local winery of Camila’s former ice wine mentor, Henry. But Camila discovers that changes are coming as Henry plans to retire, cutting back on the festival. of Christmas”.
Ready, set, poured.

“Cat lovers Zachary and Marilee get back together at Christmas when they are tasked with finding a home for a litter of adorable kittens,” reads the synopsis for the Hallmark Channel movie.
It opens on Hallmark on November 25.


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